Because you deal with a solicitor for one matter does not mean   that you should deal with them for every   other matter. Law covers a wide variety of areas and over the years has become increasingly specialised. In recognition of this many solicitors and solicitors firms now specialise   in   specific areas of law.

At  my firm Affinity Family Law  we specialise in Family and Child Law as  my expertise in these areas  is recognised by   my professional body  the Law Society of Scotland who   have    dual accredited me as a specialist in both  Family law and Child Law.

  It is important that you   find a solicitor who has the expertise and experience in the   area of law that you want advice on.  A solicitor might advertise that they are an expert or a specialist in a particular area of law but how can you be sure that they are what they claim to be?

The Law Society of Scotland   holds a list of accredited specialist solicitors in around thirty different areas of law.  These accredited specialists are vetted by the Law Society of Scotland and must have at least five years’ experience in their particular area of specialism and have dealt with numerous complex cases.  The Family Law Association of Scotland also holds a list of accredited specialists in child and Family law.

Instructing an accredited specialist is not necessarily more expensive.  The price a solicitor charges varies from firm to firm. You may   find a firm with a solicitor who is an accredited specialist charges less than a firm who does not have a specialist.

  Don’t be fooled by large firms with expensive plush offices and exorbitant fees.  Check they have an accredited specialist.

Legal fees are not cheap. Make sure you are spending your money wisely.  If you want to be sure of getting expert advice, instruct a Law Society accredited specialist.   Most importantly  make sure that the specialist will deal with your case personally from start to finish.


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